Feather Baby Tennis Twosie - Lobsters on White

Feather baby

$ 38.50


Nothing represents a picturesque day visiting the beach than the delicious shellfish many know and love. The Lobster print brings this story and vision to life, combining these curious sea creatures with their watery habitat.

A classic, American silhouette that looks like a smart, 2-piece set but is actually a skirted one-piece. Even smarter! Snaps are located on the shoulders and inseam for easy dressing.

 You love holding your baby. You'll love holding your baby even more when she's wearing ultrasoft Feather Baby.

• For luxurious comfort, extra-long staple Pima is the world's softest cotton.

• Natural cotton breathes and, for baby's sensitive skin, is better than bamboo rayon and other synthetic materials.

• Because of the remarkably strong thread we use, all our knits hold their shape better and last longer.

• Unlike short-staple cotton and bamboo, Pima cotton will never pill and will stay forever soft.

• When it comes to the impact on the environment, the surest way to make a difference is simply to buy less. One way to make that easier is choosing only high-quality clothing, made from natural long-lasting fabrics—such as Pima cotton.

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