Feather Baby Collared Romper - Air Transport on White

Feather baby

$ 39.99


It’s time to go on a spirited adventure you’ll remember forever, from a quick day trip to an excursion abroad! Flying through the sky, seeing the land in front of you, and feeling the wind on your face is an invigorating experience for the thrill-seeker in all of us. Whether you’re in the open air, the pilot, or the passenger, air travel is a magical and memorable moment. The Air Transport print embodies the spirit and inspiration of flying by pulling together all the elements of the sky in one picturesque scene. Clouds and birds float around hot air balloons and blimps, leisurely traveling onward and enjoying the view, maybe with, or maybe without, a destination. The aviators and flying apparatuses include helicopters and two different airplanes, some doing tricks in the sky, others jet-setting to far off lands. Finally, the bravest sky-divers and their trusted parachutes speckle the air as they make their way like a bird, floating across the sky and down to the ground. Let your imagination soar as you admire how the sky can bring together so many different people, creatures, and marvels of technology. This print is sure to spark imagination and inspire wanderlust in you and your little one.

The Collared Romper is ideal for crawling, walking, rides in the car... and romping! A classic design, we chose modern prints and a lightweight jersey knit. Snaps are along the inseam for easy wear. Forever Soft Pima Cotton. Made in Peru.

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